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Ellipsis Project

Ellipsis- the name of the "..." symbol used in writing

often seen following the words "to be continued..."
or "keep going..."

Over the last few years, the semi-colon has become a symbol of hope and solidarity, in the mental health community. Specifically in relation to suicide, it represents that "your story isn't over yet". The Ellipsis Project takes us one step further- not only is your story not over, your story continues... The Ellipsis Project is a commitment to stay, to be here tomorrow.

You've probably heard the phrase "live as if tomorrow won't happen". When suicidal ideation is present, this gets confusing, questioning whether we'll be here tomorrow. The Ellipsis Project flips this common phrase to "Live as if tomorrow WILL happen..."
 I hope it encourages you to find one reason to keep going. To stay one more day. To "live into tomorrow..."


Vinyl Stickers & Decals

Framed Wood Signs

perfect for the classroom, a movement studio, your office, etc...


the Tomorrow Needs You Card you've been waiting for...

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