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About LIVEeachmoment Art

LIVEeachmomentArt began in November 2020 when I started selling art journal inspired ornaments on Facebook. I opened my Etsy shop in July 2021 so I could share my art year-round, not just during "the holidays". And here we are, two years later, with our own website, online store, and platform for mental health advocacy.

LIVEeachmoment Art has three goals:

*create quality art/products*

*share hope and encouragement*

*be an advocate for mental health*


The story behind the name

As someone who has struggled with mental health for 15+ years, it can be hard to do more than just survive, let alone fully live. It can also be scary to be in the moment, even when they're good- always fearing that those moments are just temporary, that they'll be gone any second. That's why it's so important to live EACH moment, taking one moment at a time- life isn't all or nothing, and when we realize that, we can appreciate each moment as it comes. And in the moments when it's possible to live, rather than exist, find the courage to fully LIVE. Today is a part of your story, not your forever. And for me, that brings hope and gives me strength to keep going...


The art

I discovered alcohol ink art and mixed media/art journaling around the same time- both have interesting aspects that I want to keep exploring, and the finished work for each is so unique, so I continue to work on both. As I've tried to figure out more ways to share my art, I've also dove into digital art/editing, which has allowed me to create products other than framed art. When I'm creating, I might have an idea in mind, but often, the art reveals itself; and that's exciting! I continue to learn with each project I do, and I love seeing where the colors or the inks/paints take me.


The artist

I grew up in Minnesota but currently live in Tacoma, WA. When I'm not creating visual art, you'll often find me in the studio or on stage. I've been dancing since elementary school and still perform regularly. I am also a teaching artist- both ballet and musical theatre- and choreographer. I am fortunate to share my passion for ballet with my daughter, and we will be performing together in The Nutcracker this year. In the summer, our favorite thing to do is spend time at my parents' cabins in northern MN- water skiing, paddle boarding, playing Quiddler, and enjoying the starry night sky (including the Northern Lights when we're lucky).

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